Daily life in Ancient Rome saw lewd entertainments and naked dancing girls, virgins being deflowered in temples, slaves and prostitutes, and bare athletes in the arena…

sex lives of the roman emperors

Sex Lives of the Roman EmperorsWhat would you do if you were the most important man in the world? Would you fill your palaces with nubile young women? Or perhaps pretty young men? Or possibly both? Well, that’s exactly what Roman emperors did. No one was surprised. Rome was founded on a series of rapes. The city was full of brothels catering to all tastes. There was sex in the theatre, in the arena and in the baths. Roman legions were even led into battle by topless totty on horseback. Victories were celebrated by sexual practices unknown today. Then there were the extravagant orgies. Emperors fought wars to sleep with a lover – or in the case of Augustus not to sleep with one. Julius Caesar swang both ways. Tiberius, Caligula and Nero were even more promiscuous than they have been painted. Claudius was comprehensively cuckolded by his wives. Hadrian of wall fame was gay and Elagabalus combined rampant sex with religion. Sex Lives of the Roman Emperors takes you, emperor by emperor, through the entire sexual history of ancient Rome, its mores and its literature, and lays bear, if not the heart, other organs of the civilisation that laid the foundations of our own. When the manuscript of Sex Lives of the Roman Emperors was delivered to the publishers, they said it was the best yet. Then the US book chain Barnes & Noble took a look at it and insisted that I remove all the jokes. Make it dull, I was told. However, I managed to smuggle them all back in again, but in Latin. So as well as being a good laugh Sex Lives of the Roman Emperors is going to give you a classical education.

Sex Lives of the Great Composers is part of my Sex Lives series.

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